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About the Company

Company Overview

Aussie Wide Home Care is a franchise of The Kirby Company who have been direct-selling home maintence systems for over 104 years. We promote the Avalier home care system manufactured  from high quality, long lasting materials. An Availier can only be purchased through an in home presentation, making the product not only high quality but also exclusive to those who are approached, the product cannot be purchased in a store or online. The goal is to give customers the opportunity to see and try the system in their own home before they make a decision to purchase. 

Customer Support

We  are very passionate about providing our customers with ongoing support and service. With a three year limited factory warrant  our customers can expect to experience service second to none. We are able to provide any ongoing products such as hepa filter bags and shampoo. As well as service warranty backup. 

Our Team

Sarah Brewer

Sarah is the company director, her background lays in business and people managment. She has worked in a number of different industries, however has found her passion in managing the Aussie Wide Home Care Team. She is truely passionate about the product and delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

The Team

Our team is comprised of a number of Sales Representatives and Administrative Staff who come from varying background, however have undergone and continue to undergo extensive training towards their sales careers. 

Luke Bagnall

Luke began his career in sales in 2004 with the Kirby company. In 2010 he took a sabbatical venturing into the construction industry in a variety of sales roles. In 2017 he returned, after realising his true passion lay in direct selling and after being asked to facilitate the training of the new team members for Aussie Wide Home Care. 

Careers with Us

Interested in the opportunity of a lifetime? We are hiring, contact us today!

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